Welcome to InYathCo.,Ltd


Company Inyathco was established in 2008 - active in the field of manufacturing of yarns, purchasing raw cotton, fibers, textiles, accessories, supplies, machinery and fiber industry.
Factory is located in Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province
Products mainly of Inyathco is the kind of high-quality fiber technology to provide knitted, woven garments. Our products are manufactured on equipment lines and advanced synchronization of Germany, Japan and Switzerland.
Fiber materials,cotton imported from the countries with the best cotton material, process cotton harvesting and processing as well as the United States, West Africa, Taiwan.
* PE fiber: 600 tons / month
* Cotton yarn: 250 tons / month
* Fiber TC, CVC: 150 tons / month
Production processes, quality guaranteed investment in the right direction and promote effectively. Maintain traditional markets and develop potential markets, products and goods of the Company to ensure the quality, satisfy customer needs regional and world markets.
With the motto of all because of the quality of products and customers. Company has continuously acquire modern technology, improving quality, product diversification and has quickly become the leading Textile Spinning Company Vietnam.
Now brand fiber Inyathco is the trusted brand in the domestic market and other Asian countries. We export 80% of the entire company.
Company policy to use the best raw materials and machinery, modern way to ensure product quality, staff training regularly to update the new techniques.
Construction of housing for staff to train employees more stable life, creating the best conditions for employees to work safely.
Strong investment and focus on product quality control. Stable prices and stable quality to serve domestic and international customers ..